About ScoreApp:

ScoreApp is the smarter way to generate higher-converting leads.


What is Scorecard Marketing?

A Scorecard is much like a quiz (questionnaire/assessment/ test) but rather than just collecting answers from people with no value returned, Scorecard Marketing uses the data collected to instantly provide valuable insights back to the person taking it.

This makes it an amazing lead magnet in its own right. Your lead gets more value than ever because it’s tailored specifically to them, and you get a tonne of data in the process which increases your ability to sell.

It’s win-win and a really powerful way to grow your business, especially if you have to get to know someone before they become a client. And… ScoreApp makes all of this a breeze to set up.


Grow your business with Scorecard Marketing:


More leads

Use a simple, quick Scorecard with a single score or outcome as a fun and engaging way to turn more cold prospects into warm leads.

More data

Turn your existing followers, subscribers or referrals into data rich leads and add value by providing feedback across multiple outcomes.

More loyal customers

Provide your customers with a regular checkin or in-depth diagnostic. The more you know about them, the better you can serve their specific needs.

More than just quiz software

We’ve built ScoreApp with the goal of making it as easy as possible to get setup and start generating high quality data rich leads.

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