Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, originality, and entrepreneurial spirit in their pursuit of new ideas and innovative solutions. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs who are dedicated to introducing novel and groundbreaking ideas to the market, these individuals thrive on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

What makes a successful application?

Remember, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate and champion the stories of entrepreneurs.

True entrepreneurs are as much about their story as they are about their balance sheet. The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate the truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are the agents of positive change in our country.

Application top tips:

→ Don’t fall back on cliches and tired storylines.
→ Don’t undersell yourself, your business or your hard work.
→ Give us the truth, not just the formula.
→ You are the hero/heroine of your story; tell us about your ingenuity, your insight.

What does an application look like?

All questions within the application have a minimum word requirement of 150 words. The questions can be found below:

• Give us your elevator pitch!

• What makes your business special?

• What inspired you to start your business?

• What are your ambitions for the future?

How much does it cost to enter?


Absolutely nothing!

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are completely free to enter, and you’re free to enter as many categories as you like!

Can I enter more than one Category?


Providing you meet the criteria for each category, yes! You’re free to enter as many as you like.

The easiest way to do this is to copy your first entry from the My Entries dashboard. You’ll probably need to tailor your content to the new category, but it will fill most of the application for you.

Have some more questions?

No problem at all!

You can drop us an email at

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