James Caan CBE

Philanthropist, Investor & Entrepreneur

James is the voice of business, dedicated to championing entrepreneurs and highlighting their importance for the UK economy.

After selling Alexander Mann, James launched Hamilton Bradshaw to be the leading investor in UK recruitment businesses. After 10 years, HB has become the UK’s number one choice of investor in recruitment.

As a result, they are one of the world’s fastest growing recruitment companies with over 1,000 staff and a portfolio turnover in excess of £500 million.

James Caan was a founder and Chairman of Start-Up Loans, a government funded scheme to provide advice, business loans and mentoring to startup businesses from across the UK. Since 2012, 26,000 businesses have been backed, creating over 32,000 jobs. A new business is started every hour, averaging nearly 30 new businesses a day.

James was invited to join the panel of investors on BBC2’s flagship business investment programme Dragons Den in 2007. James was on the panel for three years and invested over £1m in 14 companies who successfully pitched to him. James has also hosted two series of CNBC’s The Business Class, where he was on a mission to help the country’s most promising startups and young businesses succeed.

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