Tru Powell

Serial Entrepreneur

Truchio aka Tru is a serial entrepreneur that was born in the inner-city of Birmingham, UK. Tru learnt at a very early age he had a passion for enterprise, the arts and events, something that would later in life give him a career.

Tru is the Founder & Managing Director for The Alternative Events & Wedding Company, an event management company that specialises in coordinating high quality corporate, youth events and weddings.

Tru has a passionate belief in championing the cause of equality, justice and freedom of speech. He believes there should be a true representation of all communities irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexuality, age or class. More recently, Tru has been doing a lot of work around race relations, specifically being anti racist.

When Tru is not working on his multiple businesses or speaking at events, or being a visiting lecture at multiple universities, you can catch him on the nation’s favourite breakfast TV programme, Good Morning Britain as he has become a regular commentator on the show.

Over the years Tru has been awarded with numerous accolades for enterprise and his contribution to the arts. In 2014 he was recognised as one of Birmingham’s most inspirational young leaders and in 2018 was crowned Birmingham’s Young Professional of the Year – Marketing and Communications. In addition Tru also won both the Phoenix and Natwest Entrepreneur Awards as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2018′ and in 2019 was crowned the Future Face of Entrepreneurship awarded by the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.


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